The Shooter's School

One Week Program - June 29th through July 3rd (Monday to Friday)

Age Levels


Program Description

The Shooter's School is an intensive offensive skills program where each player learns what it takes to be a "scorer." Players will learn the shooting techniques, the drills and the right mental approach that can help them become a more complete offensive player. The Shooter's School is dedicated to teaching the most important and fun part of every player's skill development - SHOOTING AND SCORING!

In Addition: To compliment offensive skills development, various defensive techniques and strategies - both individual and team - will be taught during stations and used in competitive drill work and games.

Program Highlights

The Staff

Our staff has always demonstrated a true passion for the game. They spend the day instructing, encouraging, demonstrating and helping. They try to give each player the individual attention that leads to greater confidence in competitive environments. There is no better teaching staff to be found in ANY summer basketball school.

Please Note: The Shooter's School has traditionally filled to capacity.


For additional program information call 516-306-1512

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